Month: September 2018

Envion: Mobile Mining Units – the future of mining?

The first and most important difference that distinguishes Envion (EVN) from other tokens is that Envion solves a real problem. Envion has developed a system of Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) that can generate electricity directly at source: from hydro, solar, wind and fossil power plants in every corner of the planet.

An Up was often followed by an Ethereum code

Throughout history, every major breakthrough often came with negative consequences and side effects. Just think of Marie Curie. Her research on radioactivity makes X-rays possible today. Unfortunately, her discoveries and remarkable research have also killed her. What about the Ethereum Code Internet? It is the most revolutionary invention for generations and offers countless opportunities that benefit billions of people around the world. But cybercrime has never been so high.

The same goes for the blockchain. Technology has the potential to revolutionize every industry it comes into contact with. However, the largest application to date remains in the crypto currency industry.

Given the current excitement surrounding this industry, it’s easy to overlook the side effects associated with such a groundbreaking breakthrough.

The energy guzzler Bitcoin Revolution

Mining popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin requires extremely powerful computer hardware that can solve complex mathematical equations. You need a lot of energy to run these Bitcoin Revolution computers. And this energy comes mainly from fossil fuels.

Each Bitcoin transaction requires around 215 KWh (kilowatt hours) for processing. In comparison, the average American household consumes 900 KWh per month. That is about 30 KWh per day.

This means that a single Bitcoin transaction consumes the same amount of electricity as seven households in a whole day. Even more shockingly, a single Bitcoin mining facility based on fossil fuels can produce up to 13,000 kg of CO2 emissions per digged Bitcoin.

With 300,000 transactions per day, you can imagine the environmental impact of the process. And we’re also talking about just one crypto currency.

The solution: Mobile Mining Units

Envion’s competent team plans to use its mobile data centers (mobile mining units) to make the mining of crypto currencies cheaper, cleaner and more decentralized.

They have developed automated mining units that are installed in shipping containers. As a result, these containers can be relatively easily shifted around the world, reducing dependence on individual governments, economies or infrastructures.

The Mobile Mining Units, which exclusively purchase electricity from reusable, green sources, are located near energy supply points such as solar plants and wind farms. This reduces the cost of “transporting” electricity and allows surplus energy to be used without any problems.

The company has also developed a new self-regulating cooling system specifically optimized for mining that is up to 40 times more energy efficient and cost-effective than conventional AC cooling units.

Envion further promotes environmental friendliness by recycling the energy generated from mining. The mining units can be strategically placed near objects and buildings that require heating, including warehouses and greenhouses. This further reduces energy costs.

The end result is a mining solution that is more profitable due to lower energy costs. Mobile mining, which is less dependent on individual large mining facilities, safer and more environmentally friendly through the use of renewable green electricity, shows great potential.

An ICO for the environment

Many of the ICOs we see today are largely based on speculation. However, the EVN token is fully supported by the hardware it represents and is already working successfully.

The EVN token will be for sale from 15 December 2017, with a maximum limit of 150 million tokens.

Once an investment has been made, token holders will be entitled to dividends, including 100 percent from proprietary mining (75 percent immediately and 25 percent as reinvestment to increase future payouts) and 35 percent from non-proprietary operations.

Key features at a glance
High mobility
The mobile mining units are housed in standardized CSC containers and are compatible with almost any energy source via “plug-and-play”.
Access to cheap energy
The fall in the price of solar modules has led to falling electricity prices for photovoltaic modules worldwide.