NEO Coin – The crypto currency from Asia that realizes Smart Contracts

NEO Coin is one of many alternatives to Bitcoin. The crypto currency from China does not just copy the current leader. It is strongly oriented to Ethereum, which is one of the most successful old coins on the stock markets.

One reason for this may be the special blockchain technology that allows trading with Smart Contracts. The NEO crypto currency also offers smart contracts – and other technologies that make the digital currency attractive and led to a sharp rise in the price last year.

Bitcoin code – What is this crypto currency?

NEO Coin is a crypto currency that is closely related to the Chinese market and has an impact throughout Asia. Of course, it can also be used for transactions here in Europe. The Bitcoin code is not just another crypto currency. The blockchain behind it also serves as a Bitcoin code platform for processing smart contracts. These actual money transactions can be handled in any available currency. The coin is available as two tokens that perform important tasks for the block chain: NEO and NeoGas (GAS for short): The tokens serve a similar purpose to shares for a company: There are a total of 100 million tokens and each token owner has a voting right in the management of the NEONetwork, which corresponds to the total number of tokens.

The development team still has most of the tokens so they can continue to work on the project as they see fit. There should not be more than 100 million tokens and they cannot be split into smaller parts. In contrast to Bitcoins, these tokens cannot be mined.

NeoGas serves as a transaction fee for payments over the network and as a fee for services within the network. GAS is generated whenever a new block is added to the NEO block chain. At this stage, it should take 22 years for 100 million gas to be generated. Basically, GAS is like a dividend for shareholders. GAS also performs a similar function to Bitcoin’s prospecting: by running crypto currency transactions on your own computer, you get something from the NE0 gas as a reward.

GAS can now also be bought and traded. Whoever wants to buy the coin has the choice between the tokens to participate in the decision making within the network or GAS, with which transactions can be carried out. In the classical sense, the coin is not a crypto currency. It is rather a network that wants to build a bridge to the commercial financial system. On the network, dollars and other currencies can be traded. Smart Contracts are also important for the network.

NEO Coin and Smart Contracts – The Bitcoin trader from Asia

The idea of using blockchains as a Bitcoin trader platform for smart contracts did not come from the NEO developers. More info on: Is The Bitcoin Trader a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First! Ethereum had introduced this technology and became one of the most successful crypto currencies to date. But what are Smart Contracts? Smart Contracts are computer protocols that are basically contracts. They not only form the contracts themselves, but also check them and handle the negotiations in the same way, completely automatically. A form of human monitoring is to be omitted with Smart Contracts and yet they are legally secure. They also come into force automatically when certain conditions apply.

Blockchains are ideal for the development of Smart Contracts, since blockchains are ultimately databases. Ethereum played a pioneering role by making Smart Contracts the basis of its philosophy. The problem with Ethereum, however, is that it had to develop its own programming language. With the Ne0 crypto currency, on the other hand, digital contracts can be written in several common programming languages. The so-called Ne0Contract supports C #, Java and Go. This makes the blockchain of neo much easier for programmers to handle. Smart Contracts are already in use today and this trend is likely to continue. They offer advantages for companies as well as consumers.

On the platform assets should be traded significantly, for this the Ne0Contracts were developed. Assets are assets in the possession of a person or a legal institution, such as cash assets, real estate, raw materials or share certificates in the stock market.

Envion: Mobile Mining Units – the future of mining?

The first and most important difference that distinguishes Envion (EVN) from other tokens is that Envion solves a real problem. Envion has developed a system of Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) that can generate electricity directly at source: from hydro, solar, wind and fossil power plants in every corner of the planet.

An Up was often followed by an Ethereum code

Throughout history, every major breakthrough often came with negative consequences and side effects. Just think of Marie Curie. Her research on radioactivity makes X-rays possible today. Unfortunately, her discoveries and remarkable research have also killed her. What about the Ethereum Code Internet? It is the most revolutionary invention for generations and offers countless opportunities that benefit billions of people around the world. But cybercrime has never been so high.

The same goes for the blockchain. Technology has the potential to revolutionize every industry it comes into contact with. However, the largest application to date remains in the crypto currency industry.

Given the current excitement surrounding this industry, it’s easy to overlook the side effects associated with such a groundbreaking breakthrough.

The energy guzzler Bitcoin Revolution

Mining popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin requires extremely powerful computer hardware that can solve complex mathematical equations. You need a lot of energy to run these Bitcoin Revolution computers. And this energy comes mainly from fossil fuels.

Each Bitcoin transaction requires around 215 KWh (kilowatt hours) for processing. In comparison, the average American household consumes 900 KWh per month. That is about 30 KWh per day.

This means that a single Bitcoin transaction consumes the same amount of electricity as seven households in a whole day. Even more shockingly, a single Bitcoin mining facility based on fossil fuels can produce up to 13,000 kg of CO2 emissions per digged Bitcoin.

With 300,000 transactions per day, you can imagine the environmental impact of the process. And we’re also talking about just one crypto currency.

The solution: Mobile Mining Units

Envion’s competent team plans to use its mobile data centers (mobile mining units) to make the mining of crypto currencies cheaper, cleaner and more decentralized.

They have developed automated mining units that are installed in shipping containers. As a result, these containers can be relatively easily shifted around the world, reducing dependence on individual governments, economies or infrastructures.

The Mobile Mining Units, which exclusively purchase electricity from reusable, green sources, are located near energy supply points such as solar plants and wind farms. This reduces the cost of “transporting” electricity and allows surplus energy to be used without any problems.

The company has also developed a new self-regulating cooling system specifically optimized for mining that is up to 40 times more energy efficient and cost-effective than conventional AC cooling units.

Envion further promotes environmental friendliness by recycling the energy generated from mining. The mining units can be strategically placed near objects and buildings that require heating, including warehouses and greenhouses. This further reduces energy costs.

The end result is a mining solution that is more profitable due to lower energy costs. Mobile mining, which is less dependent on individual large mining facilities, safer and more environmentally friendly through the use of renewable green electricity, shows great potential.

An ICO for the environment

Many of the ICOs we see today are largely based on speculation. However, the EVN token is fully supported by the hardware it represents and is already working successfully.

The EVN token will be for sale from 15 December 2017, with a maximum limit of 150 million tokens.

Once an investment has been made, token holders will be entitled to dividends, including 100 percent from proprietary mining (75 percent immediately and 25 percent as reinvestment to increase future payouts) and 35 percent from non-proprietary operations.

Key features at a glance
High mobility
The mobile mining units are housed in standardized CSC containers and are compatible with almost any energy source via “plug-and-play”.
Access to cheap energy
The fall in the price of solar modules has led to falling electricity prices for photovoltaic modules worldwide.


Dash is one of the most important crypto currencies

Dash is one of the most important crypto currencies on the market alongside Bitcoin, Ripple or Litecoin and is therefore an interesting product for a broad group of investors. Since its inception in 2014, the Dash share price has experienced some strong fluctuations.

The hype about crypto currencies is over at the end of last year. But those who want to earn money on the Internet can no longer avoid the digital currencies: new record highs alternated with a few lows in the price trend. This volatility is particularly interesting for investors.

The more a price fluctuates, the better it is suited to skimming off profits. Newcomers in particular should therefore take a close look at the Dash share price since its foundation in 2014 and deal with analyses and forecasts. So we took a closer look at the Dash course.

How is the Bitcoin Profit course created?

Dash can be traded on many different platforms. It is not always necessary to invest directly in Bitcoin Profit the crypto currency. Special financial products from expert brokers enable investors to cover the full complexity of the Dash price trend while individually calculating profit opportunities and loss risks. For this reason, investors should first get an overview of the brokers, stock exchanges and other marketplaces where dash coins or dash related products are traded.
This shows that the share price differs greatly between the various providers. To get the best Dash course, a broad comparison is worthwhile. A special feature of Dash is that transactions can be processed particularly quickly. Unlike bitcoin, it takes just over a second to complete a transaction.
How is the Dash course calculated?

Like bitcoin, Dash is a so-called decentralized crypto currency.

ransactions are carried out by independent computers connected to the network. Unlike the bitcoin, however, Dash increasingly relies on so-called master nodes. This is a kind of central interface that processes purchase and sales inquiries particularly quickly.

This is one of the central advantages over other crypto currencies and also means that the currency is actually suitable as a means of payment. Moreover, the Dash network is even more anonymous than its big brother Bitcoin, for example. Payments cannot be traced here.


Instead of using bitcoin

EO.Trade – The Crypto Exchange consists of 4 different platforms, which are bundled into a network. The aim of this platform is to bring different markets and services under one roof and to build a bridge between traditional trade and trade on the blockchain. At the same time, the network also has its own crypto currency, the EO.Coin.

What is the Bitcoin Profit and EO Coin?

The EO Coin is a utility token based on the Ethereum token. It performs various tasks on the ecosystem network. On Bitcoin Profit the token is listed as an exchange pair for another crypto currency. This provides an incentive to use it while facilitating trade in crypto currencies.
Instead of using bitcoin for almost any crypto currency to exchange any old coin, the EO coin can be used for any exchange pair. At the same time, other purchases can be made on the platform as long as it is related to crypto currencies.

The token can also be used to open trades on the ExpertOption platform. The utility token is used to pay fees on the Exchange that are incurred during transactions. The same applies to fees for your own EO Wallet.
If you pay with EO-Coin for transactions on the platforms EO.Finance & EO.Trade, there is a discount. In the first year the discount is 50%, in the second year 25%, in the third year 10% and in the fourth year 5%. The discount campaign ends in the fifth year. The discount campaigns start from the year in which the product in question is published on the platform.
The official private pre-ICO began on March 30, 2018, and this token sale enabled the company to earn more than $5 million. Only customers who had registered on the ExpertOption platform could participate in the private sale. The first public presale will take place from 16.04. to 29.06, the final public ICO from 16 July to 30 August. There are 1 billion coins in total, 70% of which are for sale. 20% will remain with the company, 5% with the Bounty program and 5% will belong to the development team.

Who is behind Bitcoin Profit?

The CEO of the EO Group is Ivan Opria. He is also the founder of ExpertOption. The technical director of the project is Ivan Dashkevich. He has 5 years of experience in leading and developing development teams. His experience with crypto currencies review of the Software Bitcoin Profit and blockchains reaches back to 3 years. According to the EO website, he and his teams created software that can withstand high loads and has already reached millions of people. The head of marketing is Vladimir Arsenev. He helped build the Expert Option platform and make it a success.

The team is supported by Heinz Grünwald and Kenji Cheung as consultants. Heinz is a world-renowned marketing expert, crypto consultant and investor in crypto currencies. He has been working in digital marketing for over 12 years, focusing on helping companies implement blockchains. He founded several companies, including New Challenge. Kenji Cheung founded Space Capital Group and Crypto28, is also a crypto investor and advises the company for the Asian market.

EO.Trade Crypto Exchange

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EO Ecosystem & EO.Finance
The goal of EO.Trade is to be able to trade, exchange and store crypto currencies and Fiat currencies with only this ecosystem. An important element is our own EO.Finance Wallet, which has been developed in such a way that it is easy to use and understand. It should support more than 20 crypto currencies and make it possible to send them immediately. Sending Fiat currencies will also be possible with this wallet. You can access the Wallet directly from your desktop and via a mobile app. EO.Wallet is designed to make it easy for investors and everyone to switch between crypto currencies and Fiat currencies.

The wallet is available for iOS and Android and developers believe that the boundaries between analog and digital currencies will become blurred and normal investors will need both in the future. At the same time, they want to make it easy for investors who have not previously traded in crypto currencies to enter this business. You can also receive the EO Coin with Visa or Mastercard via the Wallet.

EO.Trade wants to improve trading with crypto currencies by connecting to the blockchain. Accounts that use the EO. crypto currency receive higher percentages of trades, deposits and withdrawals are processed immediately and services are executed much faster. Transactions of currencies are almost instantaneous.


The Twitter account @Bitcoin was blocked

The Twitter account @Bitcoin was blocked, occupied by an unknown person and restored. All within a few days. The account became a target due to the ongoing drama between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, two rivals who are battling it out to find out which digital coin is the real Bitcoin.

It is speculated that the @Bitcoin account has been closed due to a variety of complaints from Twitter users – probably Bitcoin supporters are dissatisfied that the @Bitcoin account supports Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have a common past. However, they have nothing else in common, the two camps are rivals and conspiracy theories and dirt campaigns are the order of the day.

Bitcoin Cash followers are convinced that they embody Satoshi’s vision. Get closer to the bitcoin described in the Bitcoin white paper. Bitcoin is a global and cheap to send crypto currency and not a store of value. The Bitcoin Lightning Network, which released the first beta version, is harmful to Bitcoin.

Nobody knows who owns the @Bitcoin Twitter account, which naturally leads to conspiracy theories and accusations. Bitcoin supporters believe that Roger Ver controls this account and that it should be used to’recruit’ Bitcoin Cash users. In addition, Ver should use the account to spread false information about Bitcoin so that Bitcoin Cash is perceived as the better and true Bitcoin. Roger Ver denies it:
Roger Ver

I’ve never owned the @Bitcoin account. It is owned by someone involved in Bitcoin since 2009. he supports #BCH, is well known in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but doesn’t want to deal with incessant trolling so he has chosen not to make his identity public.

18:22 – Apr 9 2018 – Tokyo-to, Japan
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Another conspiracy theory is that Twitter itself has blocked the @Bitcoin account. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had made a $2.5 million investment in Lightning Labs. He is accused of self-interest.